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Community Behavioral Health Center expanded its adult psychiatric services in December 2002 with the purchase of Cedar Vista Hospital, the largest psychiatric facility in the Fresno area. The 61-bed hospital, located near Herndon and Cedar avenues at 7171 N. Cedar, was renamed Community Behavioral Health Center. With this expansion, Community closed its 32-bed psychiatric wing at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno in order to expand capacity for obstetric care and other services.

Reminder: Mandatory Orientation for NEW Clinical Instructors scheduled at any CMC Facility:
All new instructors scheduled for their rotation at CMC must attend Clinical Staff and Epic Orientation. These classes are held every week (unless there is a holiday). All days are mandatory to attend (Tuesday – Friday). Each day covers a different orientation.

Tuesday 0730 – 1600
Wednesday 0730 – 1600
Thursday 0730 – 1600
Friday 0700 – 1600

To register for the mandatory orientation, email the dates you can attend and your CMC ID number (should start with 700). If you do not have your ID number, please contact your school admin.

Main Contact:

Katharine McGregor
Work-Based Education Programs Liaison – Corp
Community Medical Centers
1550 E. Shaw Suite 120
Fresno – CA – 93710
Office: (559) 724-4206 (x-24206)

For ALL instructors, prior to beginning your clinical rotation at CMC, it is mandatory that you contact the Unit Manager or Designee of your assigned unit to schedule a time for you to meet to discuss the following topics in preparation for the student clinical rotation.

  1. Arrange a time when you can bring your students to the unit for a Student Orientation During the Student Orientation, there will be an overview of the unit, a tour and a question and answer for the students.
  2. Provide a copy of the course objectives and student rotation schedules with student names to the unit manager.
  3. Determine the method of Objective communication. (e.g. student needs to provide nurse with a list of objectives on a daily basis or common objectives are posted in a common area on the unit).
  4. Provide your pager, cell phone number and home phone to the manager so that he/she can reach you if the need arises.
  5. Determine the Unit Check In process to ensure that the Manager or Designee is aware that you are on the Unit during rotation.
  6. Instructors also need to provide a copy of current nursing license credential and CPR Card to the Education Department. Please scan copies and email to

Epic Competency Validation Session (Nursing Instructor/Student):

Location: 1550 E. Shaw Suite 120

Instructors: To register your students for one of the sessions, email the names of the students you would like to register with their CMC ID numbers in an excel spreadsheet to


IMPORTANT: Students are required to complete/pass the “Epic: Student Nurse Fundamentals” eLearning before attending the Competency Validation Session.

Parking for students at CCMC:
Students at CCMC should use the large parking lot across from the Emergency Department (across Medical Center Drive). Students should NOT park in the small lot next to the building as its reserved for visitors and patients and could result in getting a citation.

Parking for students at CRMC:
Students MUST park in the surface lots on the north end of the campus. No parking permits are needed. Parking lot 18 or the newly finished lot 16 are appropriate for the students. If the students park in the Maddy Garage (Lot 6), they risk being cited and towed at their expense.

Dates and Times for Epic Competency Validation Session:

1/15/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
1/22/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
1/29/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
2/5/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
2/12/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
2/19/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
2/26/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2
3/4/2020 0900-1030 120 Computer Lab 2

Forms to Download:

Clinical Sites Used for Computerized Program CRMC
Room Request Form
Student Badge Request Form
Instructor Badge Request Form
Flu Declination Form
Preceptorship/Intern Badge Request Form